If your child has an injury to their mouth or their teeth:

  1.  Calm your child so that you are able to assess the injury
  2.  Stop any bleeding with a cold compress
  3.  If bleeding stops in a short period of time and teeth are in their original position and unbroken, you may monitor the injury at home and use over the counter pain medication as needed (Ibuprofen typically works best)
  4.  If bleeding will not stop, call the dentist
  5.  If any teeth are not in their original position, call the dentist
  6.  If any teeth are fractured, call the dentist
  7.  If you are unsure, call the dentist

Not all injuries may need to be seen that day, but should be assessed by a dentist in a short period of time after the injury.  Children’s Dental Center has a doctor on call at all times to advise in case of an injury.  We are here for your if you should need us.