1) Ice – Ice can cause trauma to your teeth by possibly causing fractures to the tooth enamel

2) Sports and Energy Drinks – These drinks are acidic and often high in sugar

3) Sour Gummies – Your teeth get a double whammy with the sugar coating damaging your enamel,
and the gummy nature of the treat causing it to stick around longer

4) Chips and Crackers – Carbohydrates are broken down into sugars and then stick in the grooves of
your teeth creating a longer exposure to harmful sugars

5) Flavored Coffee Creamers – Unsweetened coffee and tea are healthy options, but when you add
sugar, syrup, or flavored creamers, it turns your drink unhealthy

6) Popcorn – You don’t have to avoid popcorn all together, just skip the unpopped kernels at the
bottom of the bowl

7) Lemons – Squeezing fresh lemons into water or tea is fine, just avoid sucking on lemon wedges,
citrus can cause damage to your teeth by acid erosion

8) Protein Bars – Surprisingly, most protein bars have large amounts of sugar

You do not need to eliminate these foods all together, the key is eat them in moderation.
If you do eat something you think is bad for your teeth, chase with water or chew sugar free gum.

-Joe Olsen, DDS